They’d softened it all, and I was so disappointed because I’d

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jueves, 26 septiembre 2013

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12 Celebs Airbrushed to Look Less Fit

1 of 13You’re well aware of how Photoshop can brighten skin, erase cellulite, and slim tummies in order to transform supermodels into superhumans. But over the past few years, Canada Goose online a new trend is taking canada goose clearance sale over: reverse photoshopping, or using digital manipulation to make a person look bigger, less muscular, or even “healthier.” Nicky Eaton, international director of communications at Cond Nast, has said many models in Vogue, GQ, Glamour, canada goose black friday sale and others have been ‘shopped to look fuller figured.”There have been cases where models are booked way ahead of a shoot and then they turn up two months later Canada Goose sale looking less healthy and perhaps a bit underweight. We cheap Canada Goose wouldn’t be happy showing them that way, so it is then that we would canada goose clearance need that person to look a little bit fuller.”The editor of Self magazine agrees, admitting, “We retouch to make the models look bigger and healthier.” But Robin Derrick, creative director of British Vogue, sums up the problem best, saying, “I spent the first 10 years of my career making girls look thinner and the last 10 making them look larger.”Here are 12 examples of models and celebrities who’ve had their hard work in the gym airbrushed away.2 of 13Supreme supermodel Karlie Kloss recently had rib removal, courtesy of a computer. “In a certain buy canada goose jacket cheap way, we’ve come to rely on Photoshop to insulate us from the sharp reality of what maintaining an industry approved fighting weight can do to a human body.”5 of 13Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton had her back muscles retouched to look less pronounced. The athlete and beauty columnist wrote in Zest magazine about the experience, “It still surprises me that we have such a narrow view of what makes women attractive. I’ve been photographed lots of times over the years, but one canadian goose jacket picture sticks in my mind. I wore a dress that exposed my whole back, and when I saw the photo on Canada Goose Parka a screen at the shoot I thought ‘Wow! My back looks muscly,’ and I felt really proud. But when the picture Canada Goose Outlet was printed, my back was smooth and practically buy canada goose jacket muscle free. They’d softened it all , and I was so disappointed because I’d put a lot of work into that! I guess, in their opinion, being muscly isn’t that attractive in a woman. But surely if you take a picture of an athlete, you’d expect to canada goose deals see some muscle, wouldn’t you?”6 of 13Lady Gaga is already known for her canada goose supernatural looks, but Vogue took the singer to new anthropomorphic heights when they digitally enhanced her hips Canada Goose Jackets and boobs on a recent cover. After a “behind the scenes montage of the shoot” was released by photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Amy Odell of BuzzFeed wondered “why canada goose coats people bother with the original photography anymore when the end result is basically just a photo illustration.” But the Lady herself was happy, tweeting, “Aah, the Vogue Express dropped off the September issue yesterday canada goose store morning! I’m a cover girl and it’s fab! Can’t wait to show u tonight!”7 of 13Keira Knightley showed up on movie posters for her 2006 film King Arthur with more meat on her bones (particularly her arms and bust) than she really has. The famously canada goose coats on sale petite actress was not impressed, saying, “Those things certainly weren’t mine.” And while she approved the pictures, telling the marketing department canada goose outlet , “OK, fine. I honestly don’t give a s,” she has apparently learned her lesson. For her more recent movie The Duchess, “She has insisted that her figure stay in its natural state,” an insider said. “She is proud of her body and doesn’t want it altered.”.

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