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22 HAITCTOBA FREE PKESS, WINNIPEG, SATURDAY, APRIL 15, 1905. PAI NE’S CELERY COMPOUND PUR1HS THE BLOOD BRACES THE NERVES BUILDS UP THE Canada Goose Outlet BODY MAKES SICK PEOPLE WELL IN SPRING TIME Ask Por PAINE’S” Ask For The Kind That Has Made Such Wonderful Cures modern convenient size with thin lie la these songs many months bedridden in la no disease he may not cure, lu hospitals, and who had bean pro nounced hopelessly Incurable and given up >t6 die all toer physicians. Naturally, the announcement that Canada Goose Jackets cmau of such wonderful ability to heo 1 will horeaXter givo services and Jiome treatment free to all who ask Is moat sensational and far reaching to Its Canada Goose sale effects, since U elves to every one throughout the country, the Canada Goose Parka as well as the rich, an equal opportunity to be cured by availing canadian goose jacket themselves of this philanthropic; offer madia by one of the greatest scientists of the age. And It Is tho more remarkable and for tunate tin view of the fact that is no disease he canada goose store may not cure. When questioned In regard to hta abandonment of private practice in order to devote himself to thla line of work for humanity. Indeed, canada goose deals where I cured hun dreds before, I expect to cure thou sand’s hereafter, since now neither waaith nor poverty makes any dlf a la nearly always Hie oes his ci1 culture and effort easy elTort perhaps, ctitainly successful it Is always un pretentious and it is poetry. Tiujroaro of course, but nothing qulie no canada goose coats on sale as Wordsworth’s’ ”Oh mcr yl to myself I said, if Lucy should bo unless It bo the first line tho poem “To Andrew “Dear Andrew, with tho brindled hair.” There is seldom any real spontaneity although lyrics like “Sing me a song of a lad that is gone; say could that lad be has the ring of impulsive ness. O to mount ag am whero erat I nauntert; and every mother ought to read tho poem from Underwoods i” “It Is not yours, O mother, to complain. Not mother, yours to weep, Though nevermore your eon again Shall to your bosom creep, Though nevermore agnln You watch your baby sleop.” Though mother and child no more wander the greener paths together, and no more the birth of the boy seems the brave reward that once it seemed; though seasons and years pass, “From you, canada goose clearance sale O mother, this delight This alao Some profit yet survives Of canada goose clearance all your pangs and SI. T. TO BE ALHE Prince Rudolph of Austria, of Tragic Memory, Reported to Be in America. The RoytU Ilousa Canada Goose online of Hapsburg pos sesses moro romances than any oth Nervousness and Dyspepsia Claim More and More Victims livery! HOW MISS WEST GOT WELL: canada goose black friday sale All Last Year She Suffered and Struggled in James Wafers Were Her Salvation. A really healthy woman io so Bciflom seen that no wonder many tJiink they might as well give up. Ner vousness la now more prevalent than ever among wo men, and to add to the general misery, dyspepsia Is caused by the deranged norvos, which will not per mit the stomach to perform canada goose coats Its dutlea. Other trou bles follow. “Wonven who are thua1 aftllotod not onlv unhap py HVOB, but they cause discomfort to thoso around thorn. One thlnjf whidh women require Is plenty of It Is a mlstftlfa te eo to bed lute at and ut Imagining that every hou’r taken from la an hour eal” ed. Tho sleep which you BiH In hours buy canada goose jacket before midnight la rlehtly called “beauty nnd a. To u may hava to almoat canada goose force yourseli to go out. but you will fljid It worth while. AndtljlM1 thing a nervous, run down Tromixn requir es to win back health, lu a good tonic. St. James Wafers are giving vitality to thousands of wo men In England and Canada, who are finding in tliem the one help needful to recharge the nervous (system with energy. St. Miss of 70 Victoria Street, Montreal, writes on February 9th, 1905: f “All last year I suffered a great fatal from norvonsnoRS. T had bad heactnchrs. was bilious and hatl dyspepsia. My heart scorned lo b e affected too. and altogether I was In a. miserable state. provoment In my health. “It gives mo (rrcat pleasure to nay tim K i1. WAl’IBHS havo cured mo. James Wafers are Juwt wh. u ymir requlreo. They are the modern sclcntluc cum dr weakiieflg In wo men, and their sucrcus !n I’vcij ;nn of the British Umpire proves their worth. There is “Icohol In St. J.’imeo WiuVis, dangrc r In taking them. 1’nul Mr Montreal. peror, and a stormy Interview between father and followed. Kvcnt cr. Thare seems to be a fate upon ually the crown prince consented to Wiiore the old veil hills are bird enchanted Auqtvfnn nvlnnpa antl archdukes i Slvo up his love. Am! thn inw i Austuan piinces ana arcuauKea. ,_____ Ana tlio low green iiieculows, j Bright wltn sward; And when even tiles, tno million tinted. And tlie night has come, and planets glinted, Lo! the valley hollow, bestarrcd. Its bosom heaves to got rid of what It knows. Tho silence of Sttivenson’s highlands is which I construe as meaning not only Indispensable but diffusible. And in passing, Stevenson sometimes uses that word lii prose with capital effect. between them. But the baroness se tho Crown Prince Rudolph, heir to’ cured a promlee that they should the Austrian throne. Now tills belief has been strength ‘ nlcet at tlle Prlnce’8 3hoot met there as lie had promis ed. There was a gay little parly In spite of the shadow overCianglng the two chief characters. At one o’clock Uie baroness ened by a statement which comfes Over an hour later the prince rollovv from Antorica tliat he has been fiticn there by an Austrian family, and Next morning the prince’s door wris cm being accused of his identity ho forced when no answer could be OD ut once left the place, where he ‘was1 talne d to repeated knocklnus. A ter worklng aa a common dock hand. Tool rlblo sight confronted tliose who en story says, too. that ho Is only wait tcrcd. On a bofa was the body ut ing till tile death of his father, tho tho baroness, dead. On the floor was eau emperor, to return and claim the throne. There is, however, no doubt of tha tteath of Prince Rudolph. Tfta cir cumstances under which commit ted suicide, as deeply tragical as ev er Imagined by novelist or dramatist, are fuljy authentlci jited, and com plete details have leaked out In later years. Ho whs married for state reasons to Princess Stephanie of Belgium, but Tho lovely music of tho essential el eoon after his marrlaga fell In love lence In tho hill recesses, broods and tne Baroness Marie Vetsera, un clay hear with Meantime It is world’s greateat ‘become Inelg iiUlcunt child’s play. Apparently the supposedly incurable dlseaaea, eu ch paralysis, consumption heart disease, cancer, deafness, etc., are cured by him Just as easily aa the more common disorders of humanity. He Is quoted as that he feels It his rollg Jous duty to ‘the sick and afflicted in of any reward. One of the that makes possible belief that Professor Iladley’a power npproaohes control over disease, even to ‘the , point of death, in” that of o. Mr. ID. C. Bess, of El Cerapo, Tex., who was rescued ‘from this grave the doctors had glveu tottn up to die, could do nothing to re vlw him and left him for dead. Brought to this condition by the com bined attack of kidney una liver dropsy and acute articular rhoumatlsm. he suffered tho torments of tho da mn od and was almost Insano i with pain before the end oanme. The flootora and their failed ut terly, Although he was as good aa when Professor Hartley’s atten tion drawn to the oase. he was ‘ iir, in i6ic iM X paid them tu round nuoiljcn i330.0COcg CASH. 1 orM ThUlBHISTORV. llftil JiliO (1 i: :i TRUE. T[ win pGOlllo rich. holder gal their thin. I n nnli’n’t Icll (P’J ‘U pliee nhoiv I ( farcf t motion. ?nil tlij wlirrn it 1 hnrp Value of tho r. absolute madness, and Prince Rud The determination of Hapsburg olph applied secretly to the pope that, family in their affairs had much his marriage to the Princess Stepli anfo mlglit be dissolved. pope communicated at once with the Consumption Follows Spring Debility The Tubercular Gorm Takes Root Very Easily When System is Run Down. In the spring time the vigor amd re slstbig power of the body fall very low. Instead of rich and nour ishing, the Wood is thin and watery. Ais e. result the bodily forces become sleep fails to bring reet. tiredness develops pant remarks. “Does Mr. John Brown a lingering look at that pretty bit satire “Embro HIo Kirk.” In tha still oTiamber when he “creeps apaJrt, My Conscience! hoo the yam pain etends to my but when day comes again with hires ol’ life: “There an eer, wi1 botchln’ Ground eiialrp in Hall Sly Conscience that’s like a Whaur was That reads like good rernatjular and it reads like life. “To Dr. JoChn Brown” is all about Rab. “Ye stapped your pen Into the Ink. An’ tb ere was Rab.” Which IB a dexter ous stroke of no Ceineton tha lord uud (rcnicJ “n I plaoe 90 yirro of unlirnlihcd tuilntu rtcor! boiilnd thnt rtnlcrucnl. I only In OfnilutOTenttolNVItSTIOATe. You flmll Ihe Proof yon wont. Dimitrs (nen Mon. OlmrohomJ PublicUiiltJnlf. do. ycur ftddroM on o pobhtl curd. I nil! Ji pOBO iKMk, “A Ouido to FuiS 1 FREE. Lift i to to (irovo rfilrnfn’. U lijrour opportunity. Joii’tmirjit. The NutriMoua and Economical. “SILVER PLATE THAT WEARS” Famous Silverware Over half a century of continuona and successful manufacturing has made the trade mark Superfluous Hair Removed by tfcs New Principle, U te bettor than electricity, bebanae id not near or produce a new growth. Bettor than X ray, because It does not) burn, eonr or par._____ pa alyvo the tlBsacs tinder the Bkln. Bvttor than depilatories, because it la not poisonous; tlioro fore It will not canso bloud polsoulntf canada goose outlet , or pro eczema, which Is so common with depila tories, nor doee it brcnk off the hair, thereby its growth. or aro you on too bare word of tbo operators nod manufacturers. DoMIEAOIJSlanot. Itisthe only method whloh Is indoruod by physicians. Burgeons, dermatologlata. mcdJcal jooraols and prominent inagailnfn. Booklet flent lu plain, sealed envelope, cheap Canada Goose tipon rrqneflt. ‘Write I Ferrozone? Sold ‘ everywhere, forlttchday toDeMIBAOUHOHBMIOAIiOO., chocolate coa ted tablets In box for I 88 QneonSt, mst, Toronto. JPorealeby fifty cents, or six boxes for J2.5Q, at all; THE or N. C. Poison Co. Hext ROBERT ford, Oonn., U. 8. On Spooru, Forks, Etc. the best known brand in tho world. In buy canada goose jacket cheap buying Tea Sets, But tor Dishes, etc.’, ask for the goods of MERIDEN BRITA CO. I Retail Stobot t Block, now KEADY FOR USB IN ANY QUANTITY. A coa many 20 SAL SODA. SOLO EVERYWHERE. NEWSPAPER! lEWSPAPERf.

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